Press release :

«He did not know it was impossible, so he achieved it»

Frédéric Lodéon, France Musique

« As for Pierre Lenert, he is nothing less than the
first solo viola at the Paris Opera, and he has just
recorded (for the label Paraty) his own version for
viola of Paganini’s 24 Caprices. Beyond the bluffing
technical mastery, this is a great achievement in
musicality, in the discovery of new sound worlds, and
in the art of the «staging» each of the miniatures

Alain Cochard,

« Beyond the virtuoso prowess lies an angelic and
celestial musicality that few soloists know how to
conjure up: from the imaginary celestial realm to the
incarnated terrestrial world, Pierre Lenert pursues the
path of a great interpreter, a natural Paganinian, in
this double album published by Paraty. Lenert plays
the « Count Basile Sheremetyev » viola made by Jean-
Baptiste Vuillaume in 1865.»

Alban Deags, ClassiqueNews


Paganini Project